Although we didn't place, and I never expected to, we were listed in the contest results for the Jameco Robot build contest. Woot!

Final parts list:

  • 2 CD platters with standoffs

  • 2 Medium hobby servos modified for continuous rotation

  • Ardweeny (breadboardable Arduino clone) as main processor

  • 7805 voltage regulator and circuit to supply +5V

  • 2 curved loops of wire that touch a ground pin going low when they hit an obstacle. Into pin D2 and D3 on processor.

  • Previous models also had 2 CDS light censors wired into a voltage divider into pin A0 and A1 to give light input potential

  • Powered by a single 9V battery stored between servos

It also uses the only spare breadboard I had, which was obviously too big for the CDs, but gave me more room to experiment. I’ll keep this platform around for a while since I’ve got an IR sensor on order that hasn’t arrived yet that I’m also curious to try how it works.

This was a fun project. Using this contest as a reason to get going, I was able to experiment with servos, and I’m looking forward to making new things move.

Thank you Make Magazine for putting this on, and I have new respect for Jameco Electronics. Their prices are actually very good, and with ground shipping, I usually get what I needed in about a day. I'm sure I'll be order many more parts now that I'm building things again.