I was experimenting in Windows to find different C++ IDEs, and how they handle the new C++11 standards. I normally C++ work in Linux, and Vim, Clang, and Makefiles work pretty well together, but this takes more setup in Windows. In Windows, I'll depend on and IDE more for building the project and for debugging, then use my Vim install when I've got do heavy-duty editing. However, committing to some IDEs also commit you to their own GUI interfaces, and I've been hesitant lately to get locked in to any one environment.

Visual Studio has changed their game with the new XAML, and dealing with XML files directly. This gives more flexibility since you can really use any tool to manage the XML, and it seems like they've upgraded C++ to be a more first-class language, instead of an afterthought after C#.

I keep reading about Qt, and how it's been favored in the C++ world. I downloaded it, and experimented with it for a while. It's more than just a GUI framework, but it seems to have all of the interfaces needed to abstract from almost any environment, including mobile platforms, with things like SSL libraries also built in. The GUI objects seem well built and consistent, which would be ideal for accessing from C++. It does have it's own IDE, Qt Creator, which doesn't look half bad, and it does have a nice interface for building a GUI.

I'm impressed so far with some of my quick experimental builds. It looks sharp, and even works on multiple platforms. Since I work on both Linux and Windows, that's a very good thing.