Usenet is still alive, who'd of thought? This great time wasting message network was how we all killed evenings when we should have been doing homework. The oldest post I can find is from March 7, 1990 on the HP-28 calculator, but I also posted a lot about early Mac games. Posts never die, even if they're from 24 years ago.

With the recent poor redesign at Slashdot driving everybody away, perhaps for good, some of the people are moving to Usenet, into the "comp.misc" group. It's an old group that should be carried everywhere, and it's been long abandoned, and over the last couple of days, there's been some good conversation there.

A good newsgroup browser can slam through posts much faster than any web forum. However, there is no regulation or moderation (mostly), so it's up to you to have a good killfile if things get out of hand. I still like slrn to access news.

How do you access? I've had accounts off an on at Easynews, and it still happens to be active. They're known for their binaries and indexing, which is great if you're looking for some music, but they have a full collection of text forums too.

I also have an account at Eternal-September, which is text forum posting only. That's just fine. It's free and it works well.

Interesting groups:

  • comp.misc - Growing
  • - Still kicking after all these years
  • - Still very active
  • comp.os.linux.misc - Active
  • comp.os.linux.advocacy - Mostly trolls, what Usenet can sink to
  • comp.lang.c++ - Very active
  • comp.lang.python - Very active
  • - Interesting to comments about readers
  • comp.text.tex - Just because
  • - Active
  • - New, but active
  • chico.general - Dead, but it used to be the best site around