In addition to recent C#, database, and Amazon Web Services management for a client lately, I'm also reworking their mobile app. The existing app uses C# and Xamerin, which makes for a fine, but heavy cross-platform app, but it also uses an older version of MvvmCross. This old version doesn't work with iOS 9's recent enforcement of 64-bit libraries, and so something needs to be reworked. Since they weren't really happy with the current direction, we though we'd start over and use something a little different.

Apache Cordova is an impressive library that allows you to develop a Typescript or Javascript app that can access local resources in both Android and iOS, then wrap the full screen web browser in an app so it looks native. This allows me to debug locally on a PC to get the main app together, then deploy to both Android and iOS without a lot of fuss.

Javascript has come a long way in the past several years, and I'm using a version of Microsoft's Typescript to give proper classes and type definition, and Google's Angular 2.0 framework for a responsive web page to allow fluid action with tabs and buttons.

This web app turned native app is coming along nicely, will solve issues of a split codebase, and still is able to communicate with a back-end server. Perhaps I'll post pictures when the app is public.